「LiveClass 專用鋼琴影像俯視鏡頭」

Installation steps of Piano image
top-view camera for LiveClass

Step 1

1. 撕掉鏡子的透明保護膜

1. Remove the protection film on the mirror

Step 2

2. 若鏡頭表面有污垢,可用附上的鏡頭清潔布清潔鏡面

2. Clean the lens with the provided camera cleaning cloth if the lens are unclean

Step 3

3. 對準平板電腦或手機的前置鏡頭的中心點,把「LiveClass 專用鋼琴影像俯視鏡頭」夾上

3. Clip the camera on your device with the central point of the lens at the same position of the camera of your device

Step 4

4. 開啟 LiveClass 的魚眼鏡功能

4. Turn on the fish-eye lens mode of LiveClass

Step 5

5. 在螢幕上設定調較孤度令鋼琴的影像變得平坦易看

5. Tune the curve value for a relatively flat piano view

Step 6

6. 上下調較適合的位置

6. Tune the y-position of the view